Block 3 : Using Design Thinking to Build a Culture of Literacy for Social Impact

jul 24, 2018: 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Looking for ways to build an authentic literacy program that garners both engagement and achievement while having an impact on your school community and beyond? Then this is the session for you. Learn the design thinking process and how it can be applied to literature to build a culture of literacy focused on building a capacity for empathy and expanding worldview. You will participate in a design thinking challenge using literature and design your own prototype to use in your classroom.

Learning Outcomes: 

Attendees will learn the design thinking process and how it relates to literature; participate in a design challenge using literature; engage in a brainstorming session for ways to use in the classroom; and design a prototype to implement in their classroom in the fall to build a culture of literacy.


Instructional Leader


Lauren Sikes