Block 5 : From the Classroom to Grassroots: Making an Impact in Ed Policy

jul 25, 2018: 10:45 a.m. - middag

We are living in a time where our children and youth are empowered to create a more just, free and equal world. From "March for Our Lives" to organized student walkouts across the country, the generation is filled with powerful activists. "From the Classroom to Grassroots: Making an Impact in Ed Policy" will be a highly engaging, hands-on session where attendees will learn the basic steps for engaging in political advocacy to support local government agencies and elected officials with making the best legislative and educational policy decisions for students. Attendees will work collaboratively and engage in an interactive case study, applying their newfound knowledge to create a simulated political advocacy plan based on a common educational policy theme to create more just, free and equal classrooms.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendees will:
Analyze educational policy from an unbiased and equitable lens 
Be able to draft recommendations for educational policy (at the local, state, and federal level) 
Learn strategies to create educational policy infused academic programming (classroom or school-wide) [i.e. social media campaigns, OpEds, etc.] 
Apply the concept of community engagement to establish coalitions 


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LaTricea Adams