Educational Panel : Funding Cures: Prioritizing Policy Barriers to Amortization of Therapeutic Spending

feb 12, 2018: 3 p.m. - 3:55 p.m.
Salon 4

The tradition of health systems paying for biopharma treatments by the dose gets strained when confronted by the latest therapeutic technologies that may offer multi-year benefits or lifetime relief from disease per a single administration of a highly customized therapy.  Finding analogous methods of matching payment schedules to long-duration benefits, while covering up-front costs, shows how unprepared organizations are for the era of delivering access to gene therapies and other potential cures.  This session will consider market-based options and identify relevant policy barriers to experimenting with amortization models and other techniques for funding non-traditional treatments that could greatly improve or extend patients’ lives.


Moderator: Brady Huggett, Business Editor, Nature Biotechnology


Ted Haack, Vice President, LatticePoint Consulting

Dennis J. Purcell, Founder and Senior Advisor, Aisling Capital

Michael B. Weiss, Partner, Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP

Michael J. Werner, Partner, Holland & Knight LLP, Co-Founder & Senior Policy Counsel, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine


Brady Huggett
Business Editor

Dennis J. Purcell
Founder and Senior Adv...

Michael Werner
Partner, Holland&Knigh...

Ted Haack
Managing Partner