Aug. 28 - Lesson Planning Webinar: Creating a Pacing Guide (FREE)
Aug. 30 - Systems & Routines in an Elementary Classroom$79.00
Sept. 4 - Social Studies: Best Instructional Practices for a New Generation$79.00
Sept. 7 - Making Culture Matter - An Introduction to Culturally Responsive Teaching$49.00
Sept. 10 - Socratic Seminar K-12$79.00
Sept. 11 - Lesson Planning Webinar: What Should I Teach Today? (FREE)
Sept. 13 - Lesson Planning Workshop: What Should I Teach Today?$79.00
Sept. 14 - Building a Culture of Achievement$79.00
Sept. 18 - Systems & Routines in a Secondary Classroom$79.00
Oct. 2 - Not an Ordinary Discussion: Habits of a Discussion for the Classroom$79.00
Oct. 2 - Lesson Planning Webinar: Teaching a Lesson to Ensure Student Mastery (FREE)
Oct. 3 - Special Education: An Overview for Classroom Teachers$79.00
Oct. 4 - Building Relationships with Elementary Students$79.00
Oct. 10 - Building Independence with Literature Circles$79.00
Oct. 16 - Lesson Planning Workshop: Teaching a Lesson to Ensure Student Mastery$79.00
Oct. 18 - Early Literacy: The Basics of Centers & Guided Reading$79.00
Oct. 19 - Building Relationships with Middle School Students$79.00
Nov. 1 - Help! My Students Aren't Yet Fluent in English...Now What?!$79.00
Nov. 8 - Lesson Planning Webinar: Chunking Your Lesson for Student Success (FREE)
Nov. 9 - Maintaining Teacher Presence$79.00
Nov. 14 - Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Supporting Special Education Students$79.00
Dec. 4 - Special Educator Survival Guide: Understanding the Basics$79.00
Jan. 15 - Building Strong Writers: Successful Planning for AzMERIT$79.00
Feb. 5 - Building a Culture of Error in a Secondary Classroom$79.00
Feb. 8 - Building a Culture of Error in an Elementary Classroom$79.00
Feb. 15 - How Can I Help My Struggling Readers (4th-8th Grades)?$79.00

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