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What You Will Take Away:

This is a series of mini seminars,  specially designed for 

Small business owners, sales and marketing professionals, Trainers and Coaches.....

Time   2pm to 6pm 

             7pm to 10pm

Date : 28 December 2016


               06 January 2017


How to find your sales niche in your industry

How to turn a dead lead to a closed deal

How to ask the right question during prospect process

Sell solutions and not pains and problem and why

Lead powerful sales conversation and how to craft them from start to end .

Sell value and reduce discount hustle

Social Listening Is the New Trend

Engaging your customers with personalisation

Which social media is the right medium to use

Why is big data very important in today 's marketing and how to capture them

How to craft effective marketing letters which will have clients open the email . 

Our  Speakers

Vivien Hoe

Vivien Hoe started her career in the MICE Industry 30 years ago . Throughout her career , she has been in sales and marketing role and has helped her clients in designing effective marketing solutions . In the recent years, she has moved to a consultancy role where she helps her client in relooking at their marketing campaign and helped them save more than 100% in cost and in the course generate more than 300% sales funnel revenue. As an advocate for life long learning, she believes that in upgrading herself with latest trends and technology to be keep herself abreast with the ever changing economy.

A strong believer in empowering , Vivien Hoe is often invited to industry forum and talks to share her insights and knowledge as well as corporate companies . 

Edwin Chan

Edwin Chan is the Founder of Cambridge Educational Group Pte Ltd and Singapore Entrepreneur Academy Pte Ltd

Edwin has an MBA from the University of Hull (UK) and is an Associate Meta-Coach and a certified practitioner in Neuro-semantics and Neuro-Linguistics programming.

He has more than 30 years of experience in the sales and marketing of office equipment, home appliances, chemicals and educational products. In business he has gone through the baptism of fire and back, he should be able to share with you about how to strive through adversity.

New & Emerging Leader Series $750.00
Advanced Leader Series $1,550.00

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