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Fitness Classes

        Try a variety of fitness classes that are geared towards functional fitness for public safety personnel,  from TRX, to Boot Camp and Cycling.     

Educational Classes

        Gain knowledge on how to keep your body Fit for the Fight. Hear experts talk on heart health, nutrition and cooking demo's as well as joint health. Also learn what other departments due for their health and wellness programs.       

Health Fair and Fitness Challenges

        Take part in visiting health and wellness booths. As well as try your strength in the fitness challenges (sit-ups, push-ups, sit & reach and grip strength.) Try one or all and win prizes and recognition for your department.

New & Emerging Leader Series $750.00
Advanced Leader Series $1,550.00

All cancellation requests received 14 business days or greater prior to the event date will be issued a credit or full refund.


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Meet our speakers

Raja Nazir, M.D.

Heart Health

Raja Nazir, MD is a Kettering heart & vascular cardiologist with the Cardiovascular Care practice. He specializes in interventional cardiology and holds board certifications in cardiovascular disease, internal medicine and interventional cardiology. Another area of focus is in early detection of cardiovascular disease.  Dr. Nazir serves as the medical director for the Kettering Center for Heart & Vascular Health to guide the heart disease risk identification programs provided. He earned his medical degree at King Edward Medical College, University of Punjab, Lohore, Pakistan. Internal Medicine residency at Miami Valley Hospital and Cardiology fellowship at Wright State University School of Medicine.       

Atiba D. Jackson, M.D.

Muscle & Joint Health

Dr. Atiba Jackson is a Board Certified Orthopedic Sports Medicine specialist, fellowship-trained in sports medicine, and provides the highest level of care for these injuries. Dr. Jackson treats complex shoulder injuries including rotator cuff, labrum, SLAP tears, instability, and dislocations. In addition to treating difficult knee injuries, including ACL tears, ligamentous injuries, meniscus tears, and cartilage injuries, he also treats elbow injuries and performs elbow arthroscopy. Dr. Jackson also treats arthritis patients, performing replacements of the shoulder, knee, and hip.

Dr. Jackson has worked as a team physician for the Detroit Lions, Western Illinois University, Southeastern Iowa Community College, and several high schools. Through working with professional athletes and being an athlete himself, he has a unique understanding of how to treat sports injuries. He brings cutting edge techniques, high quality care, and experience to athletes of the Dayton area.

Having a sports injury is one of the most devastating obstacles that an athlete can face, and choosing the right physician is a very important step in the road to recovery. My patients and I work together, as a team, to ensure the highest level of success in being able to return to his or her sport. I am dedicated to giving the highest level of care to all my patients.