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Quantum Negotiation - The Art of Getting What You Need workshop is based on a unique method for getting what you need in both professional and interpersonal relationships. High performance and buoyancy in negotiation are at the core of all leadership roles. The Quantum Negotiation™ preparation framework explores who we are as negotiators in the context of our social conditioning. This program is designed to discover, accelerate and transform leadership capacity about HOW to communicate, collaborate, negotiate, and innovate under disruption and uncertainty.

Karen S. Walch, PhD and Anna A. Sokolova, MBA JD, have been working as a team to educate, consult and coach executive leaders worldwide by providing them with essential basics of negotiations as well as introducing them to emerging practices of human interactions that become crucial in times of ever increasing complexity and political crisis. They will demonstrate the Quantum Negotiation™ coaching method which highlights how each human interaction is a form of negotiation. Karen and Anna will outline the unseen and often disruptive human emotional and social forces leaders experience when they need to share resources, create new initiatives, or solve problems with others.

This workshop is for enterprise leaders and their teams; teams in transition; intermediate level negotiators, facilitators and HR experts; and crisis and first response professionals.

Expected Outcomes

  • Shortened time to establish and implement shared enterprise/team vision and strategy
  • Accelerated budget and resource allocation across all functions
  • Increased satisfaction of tolerance and cultural transformation
  • Transformation in employee engagement and  inclusive behaviors
  • Accelerated transformation of leader and team dynamics from resistance to engagement
  • Create action plans for collaboration and innovation


  • Increased understanding of the complexity of negotiation as a dynamic process
  • Improved ability to apply the new knowledge of how others think, feel and behave
  • An applied deeper level of self and other to improve negotiation
  • A more complete understanding of the interests and concerns of all stakeholders
  • Ability to style shift while maintaining identity   and values
  • Actionable Plan to optimize leadership challenges in employee and team interactions


  • 8am to 5pm, daily
  • MSS Business Transformation Institute
  • 7250 N 16th Street, Ste 310, Phoenix, AZ 85020
  • On 16th Street between Northern and Glendale

        Workshop Presenters

Karen S. Walch PhD

Karen S. Walch is an emeritus faculty at Thunderbird School of Global Management, an Executive Educator, and Co-Creator of Quantum Negotiation™.  She is a consultant and coach who specializes in negotiation, collaboration, influence, and inclusive leadership.  

Anna A. Sokolova MBA JD

Anna A. Sokolova is a master certified Quantum Negotiation™ coach and facilitator with years of experience as an international lawyer in commercial law and foreign investment. 

New & Emerging Leader Series $750.00
Advanced Leader Series $1,550.00

All cancellation requests received 14 business days or greater prior to the event date will be issued a credit or full refund.


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